Vermont Vacation Winter Guide

14 Vermont Winter Vacation Guide 2018/2019 Emily Lopuski Marketing Manager Dakin Farm What brought you to Vermont? Every winter, my family would make the journey from Pennsylvania to Vermont for our winter vacation, which is when my affinity for the state began. I fell in love with just about every aspect of the Green Mountain State. Growing up as an avid skier and soon-to-be mountain biker certainly helped too. Once I graduated high school, these mountains called and I had to go. After stepping foot on UVM’s campus, I felt right at home. I absolutely fell in love with the geography, culture and opportunity in Vermont. What keeps you here? To put it simply, I’ve never had the desire to leave! Shortly after graduating, I found myself with an incredible oppor- tunity to advance my career with an amazing company. Just about everyone I have met, through UVM and profession- ally, has welcomed me with open arms, offered valuable insight, honest advice and offered to help in any way they can. What makes Vermont unique is that you have a true sense of community every- where you go. It really is a state with a plethora of opportunity and variety that you just can’t get anywhere else. Oh yeah, the skiing and mountain biking are a strong draw too! Jarvis Antonio Green Producing Artistic Director JAG Productions What brought you to Vermont? I journeyed here with a close friend in August of 2011 to enjoy the beauty of Vermont in summer. I was desperately seeking for a place to clear my head, find my center and get a reset/reboot from the hustle of being an artist in New York City. Working anywhere as an artist is extremely difficult but working in New York City is unrelenting, super competitive and exhausting. It finally took its toll on my mind and body, and six years later, I am still here. What keeps you here? The quality of life and space to be cre- ative is what keeps me here! I believe that each of us brings to the world unique talents, gift and abilities. The fact that Vermont has embraced my vision to bring more compassion, empathy and love into world through the lens of African-American theater is deeply humbling and frankly unprecedented. ccording to the Top 10 list du jour, Vermont ranks high for best beer, best cheese, best for outdoor recreation, best college towns, prettiest downtowns and best locations for working moms. Less well known is that Vermont has some of the most innovative tech hubs, is one of the top five states for start-up activity and ranks top ten for clean technology. Some of our urban visitors can often be overheard remarking, “I wonder what I could do here?” The answer is simple: we live, work, play and grow here. Vermont’s becoming a hub for many expanding industries including alternative energy and tech, in addition to our well established medical, educational, outdoor recreation industries, craft beverages and artisan food. We would like to introduce you to a few people who have a drop of Vermont in them. So perhaps you can better answer “What could I do here?” A Love Where You Live JAMIE HILDENBRANDT JARVIS ANTONIO GREEN EMILY LOPUSKI