Vermont Vacation Summer Guide

14 Vermont Vacation Guide 2019 Kelly Clarke Architect, Centerline Architects What brought you to Vermont? Although I love nature, I ’ m not an out- doorsy person. I had never considered moving to Vermont until after I gradu- ated college and was looking for work at a small architecture firm with a strong design style and a variety of project types. I found the perfect fit in bustling but quaint Bennington. What keeps you here? Vermont grew on me quickly with its rich architectural history and countless beautiful buildings to renovate. My firm has given me incredible opportunities well beyond many of my college friends who work at architecture firms in major cities. I work as a project manager for construction projects that I never would have imagined possible elsewhere. I have taken on leadership roles in my community, serving on several non- profit boards and committees. I bought my home in the downtown area at age 27 because the cost of living here is so affordable. I enjoy adventure, trying new foods, shopping for antiques and travel- ing. Living in town allows me to walk to work, restaurants or the bank, and it ’ s a safe bet that I will run into a friend along the way. The people that I ’ ve met here are smart, hardworking, compas- sionate Vermonters and we all share a love of things that are high quality, local and handmade. Living in Vermont has allowed me to shine. Paul Nadeau Owner, Legacy Signs Vermont What brought you to Vermont? My parents were born and raised in Vermont but when I was young they moved us to Arizona. We lived there until I was 11, when we came back to help my grandmother on the dairy farm in scenic Island Pond. I have lived, worked and played here for most of my life. In starting my original wood engraving business, my plan was to make a good living right here. Vermont is a great place for entrepreneurs, so there was no reason to leave and no place I would rather be. What keeps you here? I have never really thought about leav- ing. I went to work after graduation, and once I started a family, I knew I would stay right here. Vermont is one of the top states to raise children. My kids get to experience small community life where you know everyone and can build a solid support system. They have also grown up with an appreciation for outdoor recreation and the endless adventures here. ccording to the Top 10 list du jour, Vermont ranks high for best beer, best cheese, best for outdoor recreation, best college towns, prettiest downtowns and best locations for working moms. Less well known is that Vermont has some of the most innovative tech hubs, is one of the top five states for start-up activity and ranks top ten for clean technology. Some of our urban visitors can often be overheard remarking, “I wonder what I could do here?” The answer is simple, we live, work, play and grow here. Vermont’s becoming a hub for many expanding industries including alternative energy and tech, in addition to our well established medical, educational, outdoor recreation and hospitality industries, craft beverages and artisan food. We would like to introduce you to a few people who have a drop of Vermont in them. So perhaps, you can better answer “What could I do here?” A Love Where You Live ANDY PALUCH KELLY CLARKE PAUL NADEAU